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Our Team

Highly qualified
and experienced lawyers

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Practice Areas

  • Investment Activities
    The selection of the most appropriate course of investment activity is the key to success.

  • Subsoil Use
    Lex Analitik has for many years successfully advised its Clients on various issues relating to subsoil use and has unique experience working with oil, gas and mining companies.

  • Mergers and Aquisitions
    We have the expertise and experience necessary to assist clients throughout the M&A process from its initial stages to the assignment of ownership rights.

  • Corporate Governance
    Our team will not only assist you in the registration of your company, but will also help to prepare your company's constitutional documents, taking into account the nature of your business and the principles of its corporate governance.

  • Banking
    Our extensive knowledge and clear understanding of the principles of Banking Law enable us to find solutions to the most complex challenges facing banks and other credit institutions.

  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
    Lex Analitik has proven experience in providing legal support to pharmaceutical and healthcare companies with due consideration to the individual nature of their business.

  • Brokerage
    Our expert knowledge of the law and our experience in providing legal support to market professionals means we can offer tailored legal advice on brokerage activities.

  • Securities Market
    The legislation regulating Kazakhstan’s financial organizations provides ample opportunity for local and international investment in the country’s capital market.

  • Intellectual Property
    We provide a comprehensive range of services in relation to the protection of intellectual property rights.

  • Real Estate
    Real estate deals have always involved considerable spending and risks. For years Lex Analitik has been successfully providing tailored legal advice on real estate to its clients.

  • Employment Law
    Lex Analitik has proven experience providing qualified legal support in preparing HR documentation, with due consideration of the nature of the business.

  • Antitrust and Competition
    One of the core areas of practice for Lex Analitik is Antitrust and Competition Law.

  • Currency Law
    Lex Analitik provide tailored legal advice on Currency Law.

  • Customs Law
    Lex Analitik provide tailored legal advice on customs clearance and support in the registration and declaration of goods.

  • Tax Law
    With comprehensive knowledge of Tax Law and extensive experience in tax advice, our Company’s specialists are able to provide tailored legal advice on any taxation issue or dispute.

  • Licensing
    It is impossible to carry out certain business activities without the appropriate licence, so when applying for a licence it is prudent to enlist the expertise of professionals in the field.


Our considerable professional expertise combined with our tailored, innovative approach enables our Clients to trust Lex Analitik to support and advice them on their most important and challenging projects.

We deliver expert legal solutions, tailored to the commercial needs of our diverse client base, as well as running a successful seminar program aimed at educating professionals in cutting-edge legal and business matters.