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ОфирмеEstablished in 1996, Lex Analitik is a law firm with extensive experience and well-established traditions of legal practice.

Our Company is represented by a team of high calibre lawyers with considerable professional expertise and comprehensive experience in the practice of both national and international law. We provide our professional legal services across the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and in the majority of CIS countries.

The experience we have acquired enables Lex Analitik to perform a comprehensive legal evaluation of the professional aspects of our Clients’ businesses, and advise them on the most effective course of action, often for highly complex projects.

During the course of the company’s 15 years of successful operation, Lex Analitik Law Firm have developed the skills and expertise necessary to consistently satisfy the often challenging needs of its diverse client base. We work effectively within the Republic of Kazakhstan and other countries within the territory of the CIS, providing professional legal advice and support to a number of companies operating in various business sectors.

Our specialists have an impeccable record in judicial proceedings in all facets of the national legal system. Our team of dedicated lawyers effectively represent our Clients in arbitration courts and before competent state authorities and are also experienced in mediation.

We understand and acknowledge how important it is for businesses to rely on and have confidence in their legal advisors, so every year we undertake to insure our professional liability before our Clients.

In our work we do not limit ourselves to the client’s commission but carefully consider any related issues, striving to offer a fully comprehensive range of legal services. We are confident in our ability to solve any type of problem as quickly as possible without compromising our high standards.

Why Lex Analitik?

  • Our areas of expertise cover many branches of law and we have proven working experience in almost every sector of the economy.
  • Our team includes arbitrators and experts in mediation.
  • We are trusted by major local and international companies operating in various spheres of business as well as by foreign embassies.
  • We resolve complex bureaucratic problems in the shortest possible time.
  • We insure our professional liability before our Clients.
  • We respect and guarantee the confidentiality of the information obtained during the course of our work as well as after its completion.
  • We give due consideration to the human aspect of our relationship with a Client when appointing one of our lawyers to them.
  • We place particular emphasis on finding the best possible solutions to the issues we are presented with to ensure the legal security of a Client’s business and its operations, now and in the future.
  • We have established close relationships with law firms from the Netherlands, the U.S., Russia, Lithuania and Kyrgyzstan, which give us a valuable insight into the workings of new jurisdictions.
  • The Company has introduced a professional services automation system ProjectMate which enables us to provide our Clients with accurate and complete information on the progress of, and the exact time spent on, a particular project, enabling Clients to optimise their costs.
  • We regularly take part in conferences, workshops, seminars and forums to ensure that our specialists are up to date with any recent national and international developments in the law.
  • We always make sure our Clients are informed of any current legislative changes relevant to their business.
  • The Company has established a Training Centre where public and corporate seminars on topical legal issues are held on a regular basis.

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