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Address by the Partners of Lex Analitik Law Firm

Ольга Сомова Кайрат Игиликов Николай Словяк Dmitriy B.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The recent economic downturn has to some extent negatively affected all members of the Kazakhstan market and world business community in general. The current situation forces market players to adopt a more flexible approach to their daily and strategic objectives thus affecting their established business practices. To meet the needs and requirements of our Clients and the market in which they operate, we work to the maximum of our capacity and we strive to find innovative solutions to any pressing problems and challenges set. We always make sure that we are a step ahead of the existing situation, offering our Clients a level of legal consulting that enables them to make well informed business decisions.

Our pricing policy is based on the principle of just compensation and reflects the high quality of our services. Our thoroughly estimated budgets allow our Clients to enjoy all-round legal support for their projects and business dealings. This approach has proven to be the right one as we continuously receive positive feedback and recommendations from our Clients.

We value each member of our strong team which has consistently proven to be highly driven and results orientated. All Lex Analitik employees maintain their professional competence through continuing professional development including training courses at international Universities and job placements with foreign law firms.

Our lawyers regularly take part in the drafting of legislative acts.  This helps us to always keep up to date with any developments and changes in the law and contributes to the success of our educational activity. Lex Analitik runs its own Training Centre that organises seminars and training events on topical issues of national and international law. Each seminar provides sound theoretical knowledge of the law as well as practical recommendations for the resolution of real life legal issues.

We would be delighted to share our experience and expertise with you. We can guarantee complete company/client confidentiality for any information obtained during the course of our professional relationship.

Our motto ‘We work for your success’ is not just a catchy phrase for us, we attach a profound value and meaning to it. This motto unites the Lex Analitik partners and it is the philosophy which our team adheres to in their professional life.

We are confident that our experience and expertise will contribute to your success and look forward to welcoming you as one of our valued clients.

Yours faithfully,

Partners of Lex Analitik Law Firm