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During the course of the company’s 16 years of successful operation within the territory of the CIS, we have acquired the experience necessary to consistently satisfy the often challenging needs of our diverse client base. We are skilled in dealing with complex and delicate legal matters and have reliably demonstrated our ability to sensitively respond to whatever situation we are presented with, in a variety of legal landscapes.  

We are currently able to undertake the legal support of a business in its entirety. We specialise in the provision of a range of services from the tailored legal advice on the selection of necessary legal structures, to the application and development of dynamic legal support networks around complex international contractual undertakings, in order to minimize any financial risk and to optimize our clients’ tax burden. Lex Analitik will perform a comprehensive legal evaluation of the professional aspects of your business, and recommend to you the most effective course of action by which we can accommodate you in the legal representation of your business and its interests.

We have many years of experience liaising with the state authorities facilitating the acquisition of important legal documents (licences, approvals, permits, etc.). We have an impeccable record in local and national judicial proceedings in all facets of the legal system, as well as in arbitration and international courts.

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