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Agricultural Sector

The agricultural sector is currently one of the most attractive business sectors in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The relevant legislation has been continually improving and experts agree on the high potential and favourable conditions for investments within the industry.

pa_agro2Lex Analitik offer the following services:

  • Comprehensive legal support to clients working within the agricultural sector;
  •  Preparation of agreements of purchase and sale, supply agreements, and pledge agreements for agricultural goods;
  • Preparation of PPP agreements;
  • Advice on subsidization and credit financing  of agribusiness;
  • Legal support of transactions involving land plots, registration of rights for land use; assistance in state registration of title to land plots;
  • Advice on government procurement;
  • Assistance in obtaining licences for activities involving receiving, weighing, cleaning, drying, storing and shipping of grain;
  • Advice on grain export licensing;
  • Tax advice for agricultural producers, rural consumer cooperatives, farming enterprises.
  • Legal advice for clients upon obtaining a credit facility for agricultural purposes;
  • Advice on agricultural equipment leasing;
  • Advice for agricultural enterprises on using transfer pricing when exporting grain, wheat, and cotton;
  • Due diligence of enterprises exporting/ importing agricultural goods;
  • Representation of agricultural enterprises in court; assistance in out-of-court settlements;
  • Advice on importing and exporting agricultural goods;
  • Advice on storing, processing, and shipping agricultural products;
  • Legal advice on crop secured loans;
  • Assistance in obtaining licenses for services associated with animal reproduction and the estimation of their breeding value;
  • Consultation on importing and exporting pedigree animals.

Lex Analitik provide the following services:

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