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Licensing, Certification and Permits

State licensing verifies that a company holding the license meets the requirements imposed by the state. To ensure these requirements are met, a company is required to pass a number of state sanctioned inspections.

pa_licenseIt is impossible for a Company to carry out certain activities without the appropriate licence, so it is prudent to entrust its acquisition to professionals in the field.

We provide complete legal support in obtaining licences for the following: 

  • Pharmaceutical practice;
  • Medical practice;
  • Activities involving the legal circulation of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, and precursors;
  • Veterinary practice;
  • Telecommunication services;
  • Activities related to television and/or radio broadcasting;
  • Education and training activities;
  • Activities related to agriculture, forestry, land management, geodesy and cartography;
  • Organization and running of lotteries (except for state (national) lotteries);
  • Construction, design and survey activities;
  • Security services;
  • Fitness and sporting activities;
  • Labour export from the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Tour operator/tour agency activities and tourism services;
  • Activities related to the gambling industry;
  • Brokerage activities;
  • Dealer activities;
  • Activities related to the maintenance of the registry systems of securities holders;
  • Investment portfolio management;
  • Investment management of pension assets;
  • Custodial services;
  • Transfer agency services;
  • Activities related to the organization of trading in securities and other financial instruments;
  • Activities related to pension funds;
  • Credit bureau activities;
  • Activities related to the production and distribution of ethanol and alcoholic products, and to the production of tobacco products;
  • Exporting and importing of goods;
  • Activities related to the provision of special social services.


We assist our Clients in obtaining the following permits:

  • Foreign labour permits
  • Required import permits


Lex Analitik provides legal assistance in obtaining both obligatory and voluntary certificates for the conformity of goods to the required standards.

We are experienced in providing legal advice on the procedure for the certification of a wide range of goods, from food and medicines to household appliances and vehicles.

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