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Customs Law

Customs legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan prescribes a number of procedures as well as all sorts of approvals, declarations and other customs formalities.


Companies engaged in foreign economic activity have to deal with complex customs clearance procedures and so often seek advice from customs experts.

Lex Analitik provide consultations and offer a wide range of legal services in relation to Customs Law:

  • Advice on the selection of the most appropriate customs procedure for import and export of goods, as well as advice on changing a customs regime;
  • Assistance in customs clearance of goods, including their declaration.
  • Advice on the calculation and payment of customs duties, on refunding and offsetting of overpaid customs charges, as well as advise on legal reduction of customs duties;
  • Legal support upon conclusion of foreign trade transactions;
  • Assistance in interpreting the provisions of the customs legislation;
  • Assistance in appealing against actions or omissions by the customs authorities;
  • Advice on the preparation of documents, verifying the declared customs value, for their submission to the customs authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Consultations on the selection and application of the most appropriate contractual structure for foreign trade transactions;
  • Evaluation of risks and tax implications relating to foreign trade activities;
  • Obtaining licences to carry out customs activities;
  • Representation of the interests of companies engaged in foreign economic activities before the customs authorities;
  • Preliminary appraisal of customs related disputes and proposal of available alternatives for their resolution;
  • Legal advice on customs border crossing;
  • Representation of Clients’ interests upon inspections by customs authorities during the post clearance audit.

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