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Tax Law

Due to the complexity and ambiguity of frequently changing Tax Law, companies are often forced to seek advice from tax experts.

practic_taxesWith comprehensive knowledge of Tax Law and extensive experience in tax advice, our Company’s specialists are able to provide tailored legal advice on any taxation issues or disputes.

Lex Analitik provide the following services:

  • Consultations on the Tax Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including legal advice on taxation and tax optimization;
  • Legal support, representation and protection of Client’s interests during tax inspections;
  • Preparation of legal opinions, memoranda and recommendations on tax related issues;
  • Challenging and appealing against the actions and decisions of tax authorities;
  • Review of legality of the results of tax audit reports by tax authorities, preparation of appeals;
  • Development of schemes designed to legally reduce clients’ tax burden, identification of any existing or potential risks, and preparation of appropriate recommendations;
  • Representation of Clients’ interests in court in relation to tax disputes;
  • Advice on refunding excess taxes withheld;
  • Development of tax accounting policies;
  • Tax advice on compliance with international treaties and conventions;
  • Tax planning;
  • Preparation of letters of inquiry to tax authorities on various tax related issues;
  • Negotiation of settlements with tax authorities.

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